NIS 2 Directive, Proposal 16.12.2020

The NIS 2 Directive, Standardisation

Article 22, NIS 2 Directive (Proposal 16.12.2020).


1. In order to promote the convergent implementation of Article 18(1) and (2), Member States shall, without imposing or discriminating in favour of the use of a particular type of technology, encourage the use of European or internationally accepted standards and specifications relevant to the security of network and information systems.

2. ENISA, in collaboration with Member States, shall draw up advice and guidelines regarding the technical areas to be considered in relation to paragraph 1 as well as regarding already existing standards, including Member States' national standards, which would allow for those areas to be covered.

Note: This is not the final text of the NIS 2 Directive. This is the text of the NIS 2 Directive Proposal of 16.12.2020.