NIS 2 Directive, Proposal 16.12.2020

The NIS 2 Directive, Voluntary notification of relevant information

Article 27, NIS 2 Directive (Proposal 16.12.2020).

Voluntary notification of relevant information

Member States shall ensure that, without prejudice to Article 3, entities falling outside the scope of this Directive may submit notifications, on a voluntary basis, of significant incidents, cyber threats or near misses. When processing notifications, Member States shall act in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 20. Member States may prioritise the processing of mandatory notifications over voluntary notifications. Voluntary reporting shall not result in the imposition of any additional obligations upon the reporting entity to which it would not have been subject had it not submitted the notification.

Note: This is not the final text of the NIS 2 Directive. This is the text of the NIS 2 Directive Proposal of 16.12.2020.